album - a presentation of photos similar to a physical photo album containing a number of photos per page and without motion (as compared to a slideshow)

aspect ratio - the relative horizontal and vertical sizes. For example, if a graphic has an aspect ratio of 2:1, it means that the width is twice as large as the height. When resizing graphics, it is important to maintain the aspect ratio to avoid stretching the graphic out of proportion.

brightness - each pixel's lightness value between black and white

browse - helps locate files on your computer for importing to a site

default - a setting that is automatically selected by a program or device if a substitute is not selected

digital camera - a filmless camera that stores photos digitally

digitize - to translate into a digital form

download - to copy data or a file from a main source to your own computer or site

drag and drop - dragging a file from one place to another in order to trigger an action

edit properties - modify features

effect - a visual change or modification

field - a space allocated for a particular item of information

file format - a method of encoding information into a file

folder - a virtual file folder used to store/organize your photos and/or shows

icon - a small symbol that represents an object or program

jpeg / .jpg - Joint Photographic Experts Group, a compressed image optimized for online display quality

layout - the organization of objects or content to achieve a desired appearance

link - a connection to another web document or site

menu - a list of commands or options from which you can choose

move - transfer items to a different folder

pixel - picture element, the most basic component in a graphic image and the smallest thing that can be drawn on a computer screen. Every computer graphic is made up of a grid of pixels. When these pixels are 'painted' onto the screen, they form an image. This grid of pixels is called a bitmap.

plug-in - a small software module that adds a specific feature/service to a larger system such as a browser

preview - view photo, slideshow or other items before saving any alterations

red eye - red discoloration of photo subjects' eyes, caused by the light of the flash bouncing off the retina in the back of the eye

resolution - refers to the sharpness and clarity of an image, determined by the density of dots

RGB - red, green and blue, the main colors for devices that use light to display images. Each RGB color is represented by a value between 0-255. Most of the visible spectrum of color can be represented by mixing the three basic components of colored light in various proportions.

share - invite guests to view your work or e-mail your work to others

slideshow - a presentation of a series of photos advancing automatically in accordance with parameters such as slide delay and transition

theme - specific and distinctive appearance

thumbnail - a miniature display of a photo

tool bar - the display of implements used for photo manipulation in editing

tools - implements used to alter photos or shows

upload - send photo to your darkroom; transmit data from your computer to a network

URL - Uniform Resource Locator, a path through a directory to a file or site

zoom (photography) - using a photographic lens to increase or decrease the magnification of the image being captured

zoom (GUI) - to magnify the contents of a window