Can’t decide on just one photo for your item? You don’t have to! Collage products let you add 1-30 photos to your item. Use the shuffle feature to quickly rearrange your collage, or place photos within the design to create exactly the collage you want.

The following information applies to the collage products, such as: collage canvas prints, collage mounted prints, collage mugs, collage mousepads and more.

You can also find directions for how to create non-collage photo gifts, photo books, calendars and greeting cards.

Selecting Your Collage Gift

Once you are logged in, start creating your collage gift by following these steps:

  1. Select Photo Gifts from the main menu.
  2. Click Shop by Category in the left sidebar.
  3. Then select Collage Products from the expanded menu.
  4. Select the collage product you would like to make.
  5. If product options are available, set your options using the drop-down menus. These options vary between products, but often include the size of your item and the orientation of your photo.
  6. Once you have set your options, the Continue button will become active. Click it to proceed to the product builder.

Creating the Collage and Setting Options

The product builder lets you add your photos to the product template and use simple photo editing tools. When you first load the product builder you will see a list of your Sam’s Club Photo albums.

To add photos to your collage:

  1. Click on an album cover to see its photos. Albums are grouped by year.
  2. Click on a photo to select it (or a second time to deselect it). Selected photos have a green checkmark. Select all the photos in that album that you wish to use in your collage. The maximum number of photos is listed at the top.
  3. Click Back to Albums in the top left to return to your album list and select more photos.
  4. Once you have selected all the photos you want to use in your collage, click Create Now.

The photos you selected will be randomly placed within the collage.

Edit the Collage

There are a number of ways to edit your collage directly from the preview.

  • Click and drag the edge of a border to move it and resize the photo areas it surrounds.
  • To remove a photo, place your mouse over it and click the red “x” in the corner. (Note that this will also remove the photo area from your collage.)
  • To switch the location of two photos, drag and drop one over the other.

On the left side of the page is the collage options menu. These include:

  • Add Title: Edit the text and location of your collage title, or remove it completely. To change the font and color of your title, click the grey triangle button next to the text field and select your preferences. When you’re done editing the title, click Done.
  • Color: Change the color of the collage border.
  • Shuffle: Click this button to randomly shuffle your collage.
  • Orientation: Change your collage to portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Border: Click the “+” button to increase the border size. Click the “-“ to decrease border size.
  • Add Image: Click to add an image area to your collage. Note: this feature will not work if you have already reached the maximum number of photos for your item.
  • Undo: Revert the last edit you made.
  • Reset All: Reverse all changes made to the collage.

Adding, Editing, and Enhancing Photos

Click on a photo in your design to open the photo editing toolbar on the right. You can edit and enhance the selected photo in the following ways:

  • Edit Photo: Click Auto to auto-balance the photo’s brightness. Click Red Eye to remove red eye in your photo. Click Reset to remove any Auto or Red Eye changes.
  • Tints: Make your photo black and white or sepia-toned. To remove any tints, click Original.
  • Flip Photo: Flip a photo horizontally or vertically.
  • Zoom: Zoom in or out on the photo.
  • Rotate: Rotate the photo clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  • Reset Photo: Reverse all changes made to the selected photo.

Photos with a red triangle warning have resolution issues, and may appear blurry or pixelated when printed. If available, try uploading the photo at a higher resolution or moving the photo to a smaller photo area in the collage. Learn more about image resolution.

The photo tray appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on the tray to open or close it. All photos uploaded to your account are available through the photo tray, and you can drag and drop a photo onto your product design to switch out a photo in your collage.

Click View Albums to switch between your uploaded albums, then click Select This Album to open it. You can also upload new photos from your computer, social media or cloud storage account by clicking on the Import Photos button in the photo tray.

Completing Your Collage

Once you are satisfied with your photo collage, click the Continue button in the top right corner to add it to your shopping cart. Verify your project and click Approve. Learn more about completing your order.